Immungenetics AG

Developing effective treatments for devastating diseases: Neurodegeneration, Inflammation, Mitochondrial Dysfunctions, Aging

About Us

Immungenetics AG is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company, developing effective treatments for the devastating diseases of aging: for both, major therapeutic areas as well as orphan/rare indications. Current programs involve neurodegeneration, mitochondrial dysfunctions, metabolic syndromes, autoimmune diseases, inflammation and lifespan.

Headquartered in Rostock (Germany) and with labs in Lübeck and Oslo, the company has created three proprietary drug discovery and development platforms which are leading to first-in-class therapies for novel mechanisms of action. 

The ABC-trans Platform 
Immungenetics is the world driver in the modulation of ABC-transporter proteins at the blood-brain-barrier for therapeutic uses in neurodegenerative diseases, mainly β-amyloidopathies like Alzheimer's and Huntington Disease as well as α-synucleinopathies like Parkison's or Lewy-Body Dementia.

The Mitosana Platform 
Immungenetics has developed the most advanced drug development platform for mitochondrial dysfunctions based on mammalian models (conplastic mice strains). The company has characterized how to restore the mitochondrial functions for over 20 diseases (phenotypes) which range from multiple sclerosis through a series of inflammatory/autoimmune diseases up to diabetes and all types of metabolic disorders including lifespan extension.

Immungenetics was founded in 2009 and has obtained ISO 9001 certifications. Furthermore, the company is approved/listed to participate in major programmes such as ECAS, NATO, EMA, and USA/NIH.